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We are a little different than most CPAs… we specialize in forensic accounting and business transitions.

The contents of this Internet site are provided for YOUR benefit, so take advantage of the information by searching the pages for specific tools that you can use to calculate business decisions, find business information research sites, locate specialized financial professionals, and access other data that is intended to enhance your personal and business success.

For example, if you need:

Business Valuation - We will execute a wide range of increasingly comprehensive analysis supporting our conclusions in accordance with your needs.  We recommend that you begin with entry-level calculations, then as your needs become more defined we can continually refine and expand the supporting calculations and reporting narrative.  Refer to the detailed description of our technical valuation capabilities contained in this site.

Financial Forensics

Expert Witness - We are highly skilled at developing and delivering damages calculations as required by statute and/or court cases.  Our approach pivots upon delivery to the trier(s) of fact and is tailored to the available data and documents using technical methods such as “full and false inclusion”, “attribute testing”, “ratio extrapolation” and related methods necessary in forensic accounting matters.  Refer to the detailed description of our expert witness capabilities contained in this site.

Transitional Business - We are very successful at guiding companies through difficult business transitions, whether consisting of ownership succession, declining profit, loss of key people, lack of cash necessary for growth and many other scenarios requiring outside skills for a short time.  We emphasize the training of your people so that we can quickly phase out and thus enable your people to continue with their new business skills.  Refer to the detailed description of our business transition capabilities contained in this site.

We believe that to be successful in business, you only need to be "expert" in two subject areas - "People and Money" ©.  This site provides the tools that will improve your skills in both arenas.


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